Fuck Apple, i’m going Android.

Really, I’m going to ditch my iphone4 for a samsung galaxy s3.
Well not RIGHT now, the damn thing is still expensive so when i’ll have the money..

I couldn’t find any good reasons to prefer a 4s instead of the s3.

I’ve got an iphone4 and had the occasion to play with a couple of galaxy s2 at work, wich made me regret having an iphone in the first place..

The first thing i loved was the screen.. WOW! it’s not a retina display but damn, it’s much better for reading, i’ve read comics on my iphone4 and i always had to zoom in.. i wanted to draw on it too but there’s just not enough room to do anything good.. always have to zoom in.. out.. move around..

The second thing was the vibrations, my iphone4’s vibrator is too powerfull and makes noise.
On the samsung, it seems there are different levels of vibrations, when you touch the keys you’ve got a slight vibrating feedback, it’s really good. There’s no feedback on the iphone.. (unless you jailbreak and install an app for that but even “short” vibrations are still too powerfull..

The android plastic case might feel cheap but at least you wont break it if you drop it, and you can also open it to replace the battery, while with an iphone, you can’t.. unless you got a tiny screwdiver and want to void your warranty! i’m always looking at my battery percentage and saying “where that damn cable again??” oh yeah that cable is expensive and not standard.. android uses a standard usb cable.

Also, i was VERY disapointed after watching the latest apple conference because they locked some iOS6 fuctionalities like siri (which was already exclusive to the 4S..) and the new 3d map and navigation are exclusive to the 4S for no reason at all, just to “force” me to upgrade.. :/

On the other hand when you got a samsung and upgrade android you’re limited only by the hardware. (at least that’s what i gathered why searching around)

I’m thinking that if Apple keep on that logic, when they get out the iphone5 (probably at the end of the year) and a new ios, if it has new fuctionalities, they will make them available only to iphone5’s.

And with android 4.1 jellybean coming, i watched the Google i/o yesterday, it was amazing. Especially the new Google Now, just take a look: http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/27/3121457/android-4-1-jelly-bean-hands-on-impressions
and google now: http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/27/3120727/google-now-time-location-search
Google now is prettier, faster, and sounds more natural than siri, but It doesn’t have all it’s functionalities just “yet”

As for the mapping, well:
also 3d maps “flyover” are coming soon on google maps, and probably not just on the phone:

You are also very limited on what you can do with an iphone, especially if you don’t own other mac devices.. and i don’t..

With an android phone you got all the google stuff for FREE
*If you want to edit some documents (word docs) on an iphone you gonna need to buy “Pages”, for excel, you need “Numbers”.. on an android phone, you’ve got google docs, with google drive and you can SYNCH to your computer.
*If you want to webcam with a friend you’ve got Facetime, if you wanna chat you have imessages… but that only works with other apple devices.. on android with google you have hangouts, and gtalk and that works on almost anything.
*Your calendar and contacts can be synched with icloud, it works well with other mac devices of course, and there’s a windows client.. but that’s it.. on android you got google calendar and your gmail contacts that can be synched on about anything.

I could go on and give other examples, but the point is that Android is more open and cheaper, while Apple is closed and expensive.

Here’s a comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iphone4S:

Now why did i buy an iphone in the first place?
Well at the time of the iphone3g there wasn’t really much competition.. and then the only reason i upgraded from an iphone3g to an iphone4 is that i still had bought apps on itunes.. but now Android is really something to look forward to and the futur seems more and more interesting for it and google in general.
Now i gotta check but i’m pretty sure i’ll find all my apps or equivalent on android Market.

If anyone has anything to say to defend the iphone, feel free to comment! ^^