New Smartphones at work

Yesterday we received new phones, two Samsung Galaxy S2, one iphone 4 and one iphone 4 white.

Since i’ve never even touched an Android phone i got very curious about it.

received some new phones for work

Let’s unpack theses…

I already own one of theses but the white version looks nice too.

iphone 4 white (ooh pwetty!)

Too bad i can’t jailbreak them 😀

back of the iphone

First thing i loved about the Samsung, the HUGE screen 😮
It’s not “retina” like the iphone but it’s larger so you don’t have to have it close to your face to read small texts.

samsung galaxy s2 (ooooooh)

Oh yeah and it’s damn light!
It doesn’t feel as polished as the iphone, the plastic back feels kinda cheap actually, but it’s still nice (and we can actually remove the battery!)

back of the samsung

It’s not mine so i can’t play much with it, i’ll post more pictures later (pictures taken with the 8mp Samsung S2 camera)


I found two interesting links about the first things to do with an android phone (that i didn’t know about)