Spoilers: Starcraft II Heart of Swarm ending leaked!!!

Not sure if it’s fan made or a real leak from Blizzard, but it looks like yet another disapointing ending..


Looks like someone has better luck at keeping the vid alive..



Well well well, it wasn’t taken down as fast as Youtube but 3 days later, it is! It’s quite normal since Youtube attract much much more attention than Metacafé. The vid had more viewers by the time it was up on youtube than the time it stayed on Metacafe. (like 250 or something..)

Maybe i should host it myself and see if i get a mail from Activision, but they might go directly to my host and terminate my account without warning.. what a nice world we live in…

More after the jump..

Sunday 12th of December 2010 11:23:19 AM Re: First Notice of Infringing Material

Dear Metacafe User:

This is to notify you that we have become aware that the following material that you have posted to the Metacafe service is alleged to infringe a third party’s copyrights.


This material has been removed or access to it has been disabled as a result.

Under Metacafe’s “Repeat Infringer” policy http://www.metacafe.com/copyright/, we will terminate an account if we determine that infringing material has been posted to the Metacafe site from the account repeatedly and despite warning to the holder of that account.

This letter serves as a first warning to you. If Metacafe becomes aware of a second instance in which infringing material has been posted from your account, you will receive one final warning prior to termination of your account. Upon a third instance of infringement, you will be deemed a Repeat Infringer and your account will be terminated without further notice.

I wonder how Kotaku doesn’t get censored. The fact that the vid got taken down for copyright infrigement is proof that it is real.

Well you can still see it here:



trying with Metacafé


Wow that vid got taken down fast:

Cher/Chère WSFwarlord,

Nous avons supprimé l’accès à votre vidéo, Spoilers: Starcraft II Heart of Swarm ending leaked!!!, suite à une notification de Activision Games Inc qui a signalé que ce contenu constituait une infraction.

Remarque : Les comptes ayant été identifiés comme coupables d’infractions répétées sont automatiquement fermés. Pour éviter cela, supprimez toutes les vidéos dont vous ne détenez pas les droits et veillez à ne plus mettre en ligne de vidéos constituant une infraction.

Pour plus d’informations, consultez nos conseils sur les droits d’auteur.

Si vous pensez que cette réclamation a été déposée par erreur ou estimez être autorisé à utiliser le contenu en question, vous pouvez remplir une notification de contestation.

Attention : Dans votre pays, vous risquez peut-être des poursuites en cas d’allégation de mauvaise foi concernant des infractions aux droits d’auteur dans le cadre de ce processus.

– L’équipe YouTube

I’m gonna have to upload it somewhere else :/