Tribes is back with Tribes: Ascend!!

As you can see on a new dev team “hi rez studio” is going to make new tribes games, there is tribes ascend and also a mmorpg, Tribes Universe:

So since they got a facebook page and it seems someone from their team answers on it i wanted to post the following….

We can’t post more than 420 characters, so i’ll just link to here.. here we go:

As a huge fan of the Tribes universe since i played Earthsiege, i really hope you guys wont screw this up.

The Earthsiege/Tribes universe, as shown here: is quite rich and could be great to use, i managed to grab all the roleplay material on before it died and i’m going to make a page of all this on my new blog here, but for now it’s still hosted there.

Dont just make a stupid action game like Section 8, this game need a story (and not a lame one like Vengeance please)

I remember when i played starsiege, the story was awesome and very detailed, we could read the news between missions, we learned the atrocitied the Cybrids were doing to people, like infiltration by kidnaping a human and replacing his brain by a cybrid, or the fact that they were tying up live humans on their Hercs so that the pilot would hesitate, and that using womens and children increase the chance of hesitations (too bad we couldn’t see this, imagine a mission where you are forced to shoot your friends or family tied up to a cybrid to destroy it..), we could feel the cold logic of their thoughts, there was details on the weapons, a charismatic leader (harabec’s brain is still supposed to be around there by the way) ….

I could go on on details like this for hours, the thing is that starsiege’s story was great and that was one of the things that was missing in tribes and tribes 2, in tribes nothing was explained, you could play the game and not know why there are bioderms or why all the tribes are shooting each other.

Also what i’d love to see (and that’s what some modders tried to do but didn’t finish unfortunately) is Hercs in tribes.

I’m very well aware that a Herc would kinda be overkill for a SCARAB (even a Myrmidon) that one shot of a laser would vaporise it, but yeah, it would have to actually manage to hit him first! I also know that Hercs are very hard to maintain in tribal space.. but weren’t they also hard to maintain on mars for the resistance? weren’t they hard to maintain on earth when the cybrid almost wiped out the humans and only a few humans with old Hercs found in museum manage to turn the tide?

Personally i think the whole “hercs are hard to maintain in tribes space” is just there to explain why there were no hercs in tribes.

Also the empire is still around there and they are using much more advanced Hercs than there was in Starsiege.

Prometheus is still around there, watching.. if there are Cybrids in that game, they would definetely use Hercs as well, even if they also use operatives of human size (as shown in tribes vengeance) Hercs have always been their main battle platform.

And also: An Harbriger of Phoenix fighting a huge walking heavy shielded piece of Metaplas, armed to the teeths with powerfull weapons and taking it down by detonating a weak spot in the ankle after walking through it’s shield, and watching it fall down and crash with all it’s weight on a poor Blood eagle Myrmidon who couldn’t get away fast enough, then climbing up and killing the pilot with a Parasteel sword, it’s Epic. (obviously you would need people protecting the weak spots while the Herc wreak havoc on the enemy base :p )

But i’m pretty sure i’m hoping too much and we will just have a fun multiplayer shooter, that will feel loosely based on the Tribes universe.. i certainly hope it wont be the case, just keep in mind that Tribes is much more than just “skiing and jetpacks”

ps: that phpbb forum is making my eyes bleed and is not reassuring me on what you are going to do with the tribes franchise.. :

I never played Global agenda but from the look of it i dont feel like even going near it… however for now i like the trailers posted on the tribes ascend website, the armors have a nice design if somewhat unconventional for a tribal armor, it certainly has a more modern and military look than the armors in the previous tribes games.. i’m really curious to see more of it.