Update: Working on something Big

Seeing the success of my girlfriend’s cooking blog, I realized I could also post “recipes” of my own.. Tutorials about all the stuff I learned but never shared or written down (or at least not properly)

I also noticed that my Tutorial about rooting the gt-n7000 with CyanogenMod 11 got quite popular.

So my website is going to have a big update and I planned a lot of tutorials, some of them I already written for myself, others that I want to research and discover and share my discoveries with YOU.

Hell I even want to share my Trello board, I figured some of you might find interesting to see my thought process and what I have planned, and if you are particularly interested about a tutorial more than another, you can vote it up.

And i finally found a use for Pinterest: Inspiration!

I always wanted to design and model my own power armor in 3D, but more than that, I want something very realistic (that could be done in the near future) so I’ve been looking for info everywhere, for current and future researches about energy productions.. batteries.. materials.. NASA suits.. I’m still compiling functional and design data (hence the Pinterest) and I’ve yet to make a Trello board about that, but when i do, you’ll see.

Here’s the first drawing I came up with, for the light armor.

light Armor design by o0WARLORD0o on DeviantArt

Also.. this is the first post in dual language 🙂

Guess which language I wrote in first :p